Monday, December 15, 2008

Only 10 days!

Just 10 days til Christmas! are you ready- I'm not- usually by this point I'm kicking back and am pretty much ready for it- but this year with the finiancial differences, I'm still getting the last few things, wrapping the last few gifts, searching for one more thing. it's exciting isn't it!
today is reveal day on our sketches for 2s4y, this week was Lauras sketch and I decided to stray from Christmas just a bit- and found this pack of gorgeous Anna Griffin papers I had. The cream paper is embossed with flowers and I just loved it. Then I found the adorable little felt sticker and had my idea. the green paper and rubon are both also Anna Griffin. then I added in a few buttons, some pearls from Micheals and some sewing and hemp.

today I wanna boast about A- she is so talented- I have little music ability and am so impressed with her. Last year, in the middle of the year, she joined band ( we moved here in late Nov.) and by February she received her flute, two months later, she was First Chair in Flute in the band. This year, she has continued on and is not only First Chair in Flute in the band, but is also First Chair in Band. which is kinda like the best player in the band. ( she's also in the chorus)Today is winter concert and she dressed for the occasion, isn't she a cutie!! this along with me having to get her an emergency weekend visit at AI Dupont hosp. this weekend for a bad sinus infection- thank goodness for antibiotics!
Also this weekend- Annalise got her first pair of glasses. My kids- both got cruddy eyesight from their parents! Annalise is so excited to really see well, and its been fun watching her see things far off clearly now. love this pair- they are just big enough that she can grow and they won't bend up on her face, but not too big either. I think she looks so grown up.
Have a wonderful Monday and hope you enjoy your week!


Laurel said...

Love your card! Your girls are adorable! and looks like you and I spent the weekend the same way, I have a sinus and ear infection- not fun!

Hanneke said...

Beautiful cards!!

Katie said...

Your card is adorable Kristen!! Love that felt sticker :)

Your girls are beautiful! Congrats to your older daughter for her 1st chair position...that is awesome!


Heidi Van Laar said...

Beautiful card! So soft and baby perfect! Love the addition of the little pearls too!

What lovely daughters you have! And what a wonderful accomplishment to be first chair after such a short music career!

Have a great day!

Peet said...

Gorgeous card, Kristen!!!

Beautiful pictures of your kids!

Laura Davis said...

Your card is darling Kristen! Your girls are just too cute! Wow 1st chair, congrats!! I hope Annalise feels better, poor thing! Your baby looks so stinkin cute in her new glasses:)


Melanie said...

OMGosh - Tell Miss A congratulations for such an awesome talent and for sharing it with others. I'm sure she's an inspiration to many (makes them want to push harder, huh?)

They are growing up so fast and so beautifully. Love the photos.

rae said...

I LOVE your card Kristen, simply adorable!!
Your girls are adorable too!!
(((holiday hugs)))

Amber said...

Love your card Kristen! It is just beautiful. And both of your girls are lovely. Your daughter must be a wonderful musician!

Anabelle said...

Your card is absolutely awesome!! Love the pea pod! congrats to your daughter on her band achievements. Your girls are such cuties. (BTW, I'm on antibiotics, too. Sinus infection and possible strep for me!)

Shemaine said...

Congratulations on your daughter's music abilities! It's so wonderful to see them grow and develope their own personalities. You're girls are just precious! Beautiful card too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrat's to your dd!! GOod for her!! You must be SO proud! :) Hugs!! Your dd's are adorable! They both look great in their new glasses! :)

I love your card! That is the sweetest baby card!!! Love it!!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh my goodness that card is entirely toooooo cute! LOVE that embossed paper and that pea is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your card is beautiful...
Your girls look fab cool...My grandson wears them I love them in glasses so cute TFS
`Merry Christmas` to you and yours Have a fab time:)~X~