Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just one of those days

where I cleaned and ran around and had too much to do to get anything done.
yeah, that sums it up.
like I said- one of those days. I was so busy running around that I really only had a little time to do anything- and in hopes of figuring out my camera- and how to take much better pics, that is what I chose to do with my 30 minutes of free time today.
if you are anything like me- and fall soundly asleep while opening the front cover on your camera manual, then go over to my blogs links and go to Pioneer Woman's site- she has some basic instruction on learning your camera settings - things like aperture and shutterspeed- it's well done so my tiny brain can actually kinda sorta understand these complicated things. I might actually be learning what those things mean - and how to apply them to my confangled camera. ( eep! I just found out that my camera was set on 1600 ISO!! ) how did that happen!

I made this card last night- nothing earth shatteringly new- just some nice colors and design.
All papers are KaiserCraft,prima glittered flower, Cornish Heritage Farms stamp and some WRMK rickrack.

have a good night!



Laura Davis said...

Beautiful! I love the colors:)

Terria said...

Thinks for the link I truly needed it , I am so like you I hate reading the manuals. I really love your card for it to be nothing earth shattering the colors rock and the stitching is awesome you have a great hand I am still stitching straight lines LOL:)

Radiogirl said...

Love, love, love this. I like the colors and the stitching and the patterns. Very nice.

Sherry Wright said...

Beautiful Kristen, I must check out that site.. my kind of instructions. ;)

carolann said...

Beautiful I love the papers you have used xxxxx