Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sewing on a layout

I love love love to sew on layouts, give me something clothing wise- ugh! it'll sit there til I have to scrape dust off it and then maybe just maybe I'll repair it or something.
I love how fast machine sewing is, just run it through and bam, it's done in moments.
however- sometimes I like the difference of using thick floss to add accent. you know- if I'm taking the time to handstitch - it better stand out from 50 yards! LOL!
We did a sewing highlight on the bobunny blog, and this is the layout I did for it.
I really really love how it turned out, however, after looking at it for a couple weeks, I would have liked to tweak it a bit. but done is done.
it's pretty much all bobunny, cept the letters which are MM felt letters, those suckers are STICKY! and they
tear pretty easy too.
this is where I first used that corrugated cardboard that you've been seeing around here lately. love the dimension it gives.
the paper is beau jardin- stuff is gorgeous and so usable with everything!
I also stamped on this layout, and added some rubons, both in the corner and the journal placket thing.
the flowers are a simple punch. as well as the leaves, just a circle punch, punch it- then punch the circle again to get an oval shape. I love the punch of lime on this one. and of course teal is one of my favorite colors! I did a lot of paper bending for the dimension on this, it really brings it up.
thanks for dropping by!


carolann said...

Absolutely stunning lo hun well done xxxx

- Brenda - said...

Love this layout - the colors are stunning! Great job :)

Rleen said...

What a sweet photos. Your layout is gorgeous! I love the flowers and the colors.