Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chilly Weather today

Fall has arrived full blast here now- our weather has been in the 60's during the day and even dipping down to the low 30's at night.
I'm sharing some older projects today, because I have been dang busy but can't share anything!
and I get this guilt complex if I don't share for a couple days, I feel horrible about hardly posting anything last week! that's not like me.
I love love this pic of my youngest, I used to be able to sit like that- now if I tried- I'd probably knock something out of joint. Doesn't my front yard make for the best photo op spot! I used a special feature in my photo program, it's called a burn and it makes the edges of the pic darker, I love this effect and can't wait to play with it more.
Here is a nice little way to treat a teacher or a coworker- use a bag, some of those little boxed treats- like junior mints or something. Wrap the boxes and decorate them with a sticker and some twine. then add on a decorative tag to the bag.
all pretty much Flair here. bobunny ribbon on the bag, darice twine, some heidi swapp letters for the BOO and bobunny cardstock.

this is an older one. I still just love it tho- I bought the frame el cheapo on clearance and decorated the outside with anna griffin papers, lots of craft buttons, some anna griffin letters, and 3d stickers and a tiny bit of bobunny lace trim. I love love love the color combo of the pale sage green with the dark wood of the frame. esp inked like that- it speaks to me- have more babies, more babies, decorate their nursery with these colors- more babies.

oh well - no more babies in my future..

a quick and cute birthday tag, all bobunny leftovers- make your own gift tags this year for christmas, you can do it so much cheaper- I bet you have TONS of scraps! I know I do!! use a stamp for sentiment- or print them out in dozens on a piece of white cardstock- I bet it would awesome to have some friends over- everyone make several tags and trade!
Everyone have a wonderful day- try to use those scraps up- in cards, tags, giftbags, etc..

and coming soon- my etsy store- a great place to buy some of the altered projects and cards you see here!

love, kris


~dawne said...

As usual, I love all your projects. I'm definitely going to try the Halloween candy one. I've been racking my brain for an easy, yet cute idea & this is perfect. Thanks!!

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