Monday, September 8, 2008

pecan recipe

Bobunny did a blog post on recipes for the labor day weekend.
this is the recipe I shared- I am trying - very slowly to build a scrap book of our favorite things so that we'll always remember them, or when I'm old and have forgotten these current favorites- the girls can say- remember when you used to make ------- and I can say- oh yeah- the recipe is here.
everything is pretty much bobunny- cept for the word Pecans- that's basic grey and the flowers are MM- I painted and stickle glittered them.
used my sewing machine for the large circle chip there.
the papers are Felicity from Bobuny, cept for the double dot cardstock- love that stuff- always ask BB to send me gobs of it when we do product refills.

pulled out those older BB letters and just love how they look- so I want to play around with them some more. Am looking forward to getting some more scrapping done this week. I went through some old stash and found some cute things I want to use. I am sooo guilty of hoarding! I try to work through it- but still - what if! there is the chance I use it up- and find the PERFECT thing to use it on- then i'm S.O.L.- cause it's gone. (we don't have a close LSS here- so I'm pretty limited to what I can find at the craft store- or paying shipping )
Good news for me- I am waiting on some cashola and am seriously looking at buying a Cricut Expression!! whoo hoo-

recipe-2 cups whole pecans1/2 cup brown sugar4 tblsp. heavy creamPreheat oven to 350 degrees.Mix all ingredients together in bowl, then spread on baking sheet.Cook for 20 minutes, stirring nuts after 10 minutes.Cool and store in airtight container.
have a happy monday!

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