Sunday, August 3, 2008


today was one of those rare perfect weather days. it was about 80 with a nice breeze and the sky was soo blue. the clouds were so far off in the distance that they were on the horizon, like someone had pushed them away from us, so that we could just enjoy the sun.

finally we have filled in the gigantic hole in the back yard. It had been a sinkhole from the former owners filling in the pool, and the dirt settling had made a huge pit in the yard, we filled it and then ended up tilling the whole thing to try to even the ground out. when tilled it still left an indented area, so we took leftover fill dirt from the pool and leveled it out again. Am so proud of the yard, when we bought this house- there was nothing but weeds in the yard, no grass there. There is a beautiful patch of grass now- and when we are finally done the yard will look so much nicer. We still have some regrading to do- there is two more sides that need to be shaved down and graded with a more gentle line so that the yard will look better.

the girls helped us work some, and I had to take some pics today.
wanted to show A's cute new shaggy do- I cut it about 2 weeks ago and it's finally relaxing enough that she likes it. I think it's great- tho I do think it makes her look much older. check out those highlights- playing in the pool is great for those.
sleep well

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