Friday, August 1, 2008


I've gotten into making jewelry this week- bought some better supplies and am having fun making simple beaded necklaces. I don't really wear jewelry much, but it's fun way for Alizabeth to have input on her jewelry. Added benefits of being much cheaper then buying every necklace she sees.
Sorry for the tiny pics- but this is just meant to show the necklaces, not the detailing.

I love that i am able to incorporate some old stuff in with these. I had bought some pretty glass beads a few years ago, but they had just sat in a box. Even some things I had bought for scrapping are being incorporated. Finally a way to use up some of those charms I bought.

I got that cool wire wrapped charm this week- actually it's meant to be a bead, but it's way better as a charm, plus I have 5 more to make cool necklaces with. Want to find a way to change it up a little- maybe wrap some colored wire around it as well. I could see a pretty gem in the middle too.

the pink shell necklace was sooo simple. just added some jump rings to some chain, added a lobster claw clasp, that's it.
A loves it cause it clinks a bit as she moves- kids- anything that can make noise!

Sorry for the sideways pic- but tilt your head and you can see it! LOL! cute malachite beading with silver beads, darling little open star with rhinestones and both girls love this necklace. I love that the color will match anything they wear. Probably gonna have to make something else with those beads b/c of it's versatility.

I didn't get to take a pic of this on the table, A loved it so much- she had to put it on. Silver bfly with some aqua beads that we had, a small beaded necklace and a simple chain are the other layers. A's favorite blue color, so I guess mostly she'll be wearing this.
did I mention- the girls aren't allowed to lay claim on any one necklace- this way they can share them and hopefully we won't have any days that they both have to wear the same necklace.

Thanks for looking at my schtuff!

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