Sunday, August 24, 2008


ok- first - sorry for the poor pic of the front- sometimes I'm in too much of a rush to photograph things and mail them off- this was done for Reminisce for CHA summer.
I love all these little 3d and flat stickers they made for school, some of the flat stickers have a shine to them- almost like they have a glaze- it's really neat.
I also used some Bobunny letters, a star punch from Nankong, and some craft supply buttons and darice twine. The cube is from KaiserCraft.
Saved this for today- since my girls are going back to school in the morning. Ahh- it's bittersweet- love love love summer, and all the things we get to do. but I can't wait for some well deserved ME time. I have a list of house projects longer then my arm that I have neglected all summer in order to spend as much time with the girls as could be. Fall weather will soon be here and the pool will be drained and I will have the time to get these done.
I have a new painting I finished over the weekend- boy it was weird getting back to that- it's been years since I've painted on canvas- but it felt great- and everyone who's seen the painting has told me how much they love it. It was made as a decorative painting- not a whole artistic expression that must be interpreted- just a little pretty pretty thing.
we had a End of Summer BLAST Party for the girls this weekend- both girls had some friends over for an all day pool party, we had pizza and cupcakes for dinner, then did a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. sleep didn't happen til wee hours for the older girls who stayed for a sleepover. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and got everyone back home to mom and dad by noon. I know everyone had a great time. Wish we could do it more often!
Happy Back to School everyone!

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