Monday, July 28, 2008

I have an awesome job

I sat here this morning and watched the end of the LOTR that I've been trying to finish up all weekend. Annalise said to me- this is what I want to do when I get a job- watch movies and make stuff. I guess it is a pretty darn cushy job. I'm really blessed to be able to do it, even tho sometimes it's a dog eat scrapper world, the paychecks are far between and I never let myself have days off.

Coming up in September will be the first time I'll be home alone in over 10 years. Even when the girls were at school- there was someone else here and I was never truely alone. Am looking forward to it- looking forward to getting a real schedule in place and making good use of my time. So I thought I'd share some pics of my space- my office, also known as the hang out for everyone! Not only are the computers out here- but the gaming TV is as well- and I've added a round table down at the other end since I took these pics- so we can eat or watch tv, play on the Wii or just chill- all together.

My awesome desk- it's 4'x8' and we can all spread out on it and I love how I can put all my boxes out without taking all my space. Those big cabinets hold tons of supplies and paper.
The awesome view I have outside- there is a pool over in the right side of the yard now- but I still have almost 90 percent of that view. Eventually we'll add a deck out there. Years of overgrowth have been quite a task for us to take down, and getting the yard dressed back up will take us even more time.
The first set up of the sunroom side of my office, I've since stained the little side table, and have taken down the dart board- gonna paint a canvas for down there and really be happy about this room. Imagine a super cute little white round table with seats for 4 down at the end. Am still working on finishing those chairs- but soon it will be pulled together. I also plan on replacing that little rug- it works for now.
I bought my cabinets all at Lowes. even the little drawer units- I simply stacked two of them together for each unit. I love that the floor is brick, so easy to keep clean,.

This is my little slice of heaven, the room that has become our hangout-



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