Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Weekend!

I sure do love weekends. Waking up a little later, no schedule being adamantly stuck to, dinner whenever we want it, and getting outside to enjoy whatever weather we have for the weekend.

Unless it's raining- then it's a stay inside and watch movies and chow on popcorn kind of time.

truely tho- most weekends, Chris and I have some type of project we are working on. Sometimes, like this weekend, it's a matter of just doing those small chores that we never seem to get time to do. Like weeding the garden, trimming the yard, spreading grass seed.

Usually we'll work til about lunch time- then we'll chill and hang with the girls.
the pool is gonna feel great today- it's supposed to get really hot.
here is my card of the day- made it yesterday with leftover Bobunny scraps- I need to use those tags more-
yeah- I need to use a lot of my old stash more. Doesn't mean that I will- or that I can find a new look for it- so that I can actually get it picked up. :P
Hopefully soon readers - I will have an actual gallery to look at- and while I'm wishing for things- I will wish on a slideshow for this blog as well. Bare with me- I have to take baby steps here.
til next time-

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